The history of Kanegawa-no-Mori


Kanegawa-no-Mori is a public park built along Kanegawa river goes through the East side of Kofu Basin, Yamanashi prefecture. The park is called “Mori (forest)”, which is originally preserved woods designated in conservation laws as the disaster measures of river flood. These woods are semi-natural environments managed by local people as coppices for over a hundred years. The woods consisted of several oaks, hornbeams and pine trees, which were used to be cut down every 20-30 years as fuels until gas supply began in Japan after the World War II. When the large improvement works of the river was executed, the woods lost their major system functions and were abandoned for a while. But in 1970’s, the increasing demand for holiday resorts saved 36ha of woods from development and they were revived as a park consisting of 6 woods in 1996.

The features of 6 woods


No matter what season, you can enjoy some parts of natural beauty. Walking along a creek, pottering under trees or picnic on sunny lawn, there is something to suit everyone. Just step in nature and find your own favorite.

Visitor information center


Located in Dongrinomori wood.

Opening hours

April – October 9:00am – 6:00pm

November – March 9:00am -5:00pm

Days closed

We have closed days from December – March. Please note following days.

  • Monday
  • The day after Japanese national holidays (open on Saturdays and Sundays)
  • 31th December – 1st January.



  • By Train

    The nearest train station is JR Chuo Line Isawa-Onsen Station(中央線石和温泉駅).

    About 15 minutes by taxi from JR Chuo Line Isawa-Onsen Station to Kanegawanomori Park visitor center.

    From Tokyo

    JR Chuo Line (Kaiji Limited Express)

    About 1.5hours from from Shinjuku station to Isawa-Onsen station

  • By Bus

    Chuo Express Bus (Shinjuku ⇔ Kofu)

    About 1.5hours from Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal (バスタ新宿) to Chuo Expressway Kai-Ichinomiya(中央道甲斐一宮)

    About 22minutes walk from Chuo Expressway Kai-Ichinomiya to Kanegawanomori Park visitor center.

    * We recommend visitors from Tokyo this route.

  • By Car

    Chuo Expressway

    About 3minutes from 「Ichinomiya Misaka IC」 of Chuo Expressway.

    *Free car parking

Bicycle rental


You can rent bicycles by the hour at the cycle stations in Dongrinomori and Sports-nomori.

Opening hours

April – October 9:00am – 5:00pm

December – March 9:00am -4:00pm

*Closed on the same days with visitor center.

*Please return your bicycles by closing time of visitor center.


Adult Bike

Adult Bike with baby Seat

Mountain Bike

¥100/1 Hour

¥300/4 Hours

Child’s Bike

¥100/1 Hour

¥300/4 Hours

Hybrid Bike

¥250/1 Hour


  • Please buy required tickets from the ticket vending machine at the front of the cycling station first.
    Ex. If you want to rent 2 hours, buy two of \100 tickets
  • You may rent bicycles exceeded the time. In that case, please pay excess charge when you return bikes to the staff.

BBQ place booking and rules

Barbecuing or Grilling is not allowed in Kanegawanomori Park, except in designated area of Dongurinomori wood.

  • You must book BBQ sites by 4:00pm of the previous day.
    ⇒For the detailed information or booking, please contact visitor by email.Or fill out the booking form and Fax to visitor center. FAX 0553-39-9821
  • Fee 1,000/site
  • The capacity of a site is 6 persons. Please book required sites.
    EXP. 8persons need 2 BBQ sites.
  • We have 5 BBQ sites.
  • The booking is first come first serve based.
  • Opened fire is not allowed, please use BBQ grill.
  • There are no kitchen facilities in the BBQ area.
  • Please dress all foodstuffs at your home in advance.